The SCE Project 2010 – 2015

Saitama City Educators was a five year project to reimagine the traditional model for professional development. Between 2010 and 2015 SCE attracted over 100 contributors, published 143 articles, held more than a dozen events and helped organize three academic conferences. The side bar contains an alphabetical list of all SCE Contributors. This website is intended as a showcase of their work.


The Traditional Model

The traditional membership model serves the organization rather than the member. Traditional websites showcase the organization rather than the members. Ultimately the value of a paid membership to a member of a traditional professional organization is vague at best.

What is needed is a new membership model that lacks the barriers to participation of a traditional model. One that is free, bespoke and portable. The challenge for the modern professional organization is to add as much value as possible for the member. What is needed is a Contributor Model.


The SCE Contributor Model

Saitama City Educators Contributor Badge

Saitama City Educators did not have paid memberships. Anyone who contributed their time, work or ideas was referred to as a Contributor. Each Contributor was encouraged to set a goal, and then create a plan, facilitated by SCE, to achieve it. Contributors were free to contribute as little or as much as they liked. Every contribution is listed on the SCE website. Each contribution was recognized with a digital badge issued by SCE through the Mozilla Open Badges Infrastructure.

All of a Contributor’s contributions to SCE are listed together on their page. Contributors can add any of their professional achievements to their page, not just those done through SCE. Every effort is made to create a page that will be easily indexable by search engines, and is integrated with the Contributor’s existing professional online presence. The SCE ethos is: by collaborating under the aegis of an organisation, we benefit each other by association.


SCE Associate Contributors

Saitama City Educators Associate

SCE used a contribution-based progression dynamic. The most basic level of participation was reading and responding to articles in JSCE. With each contribution, further opportunities were offered. As a Contributor got more involved, so the level of autonomy grew. At the highest level, a Contributor was defining the organization through their ideas and expertise and was referred to as  an Associate Contributor. The side bar contains an alphabetical list of all SCE Associate Contributors.


Journal of Saitama City Educators

The Journal of Saitama City Educators is an official publication with the ISSN number 2185 7822. JSCE is a multi-lingual journal. Submissions were accepted in any language. Submissions are open to anyone with an interest in education. The Journal of Saitama City Educators is is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. You can find out more about JSCE here.



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